Thursday 19 September 2013

Zaggora Fat Burning HotPants!

Zaggora fat burning hot pants
Zaggora fat burning hot pants

Don't be alarmed, they aren't the typical 'hot pants' you're thinking of and you won't suddenly scroll down to find an extra large picture of me modelling them with my bum out. Sorry to disappoint you all ;) You will be pleased to hear that they are in fact more like leggings and cover me from my belly button to my knees, much more civilised than hot pants for a Mumma like me!

The idea behind these Zaggora hot pants* is that they boost calorie burn when doing something active with the special fabric technology. The signature ThermoFit heating fabric technology helps your get hot in comfort and style and shrink those inches! 

The fabric feels similar to that of a wetsuit when you put it on and when you walk it makes a really loud rustling noise, thank god I workout at home as I think it could be embarrassing to go out of the house in these! They are very tight fitting which instantly makes you feel slimmer and pulled in, but we all that without being poured into a pair of tight fitting, rather unsexy leggings don't we?!

I was going to challenge them to that. I was sceptical about these as I have researched quite a lot into weight loss and calorie burn and I'm really into my fitness. I didn't see how wearing these could make a whole lot of difference. The first time I tried them, I realised they made a big difference in SWEAT. I was literally dripping which 1. never happens and 2. especially never happens after only a 15 minute workout. Yes, 15 minutes! This is great for me, it means I can get maximum calorie burn and effects in a short amount of time.

I have found from using these over the past couple of weeks that they do make you sweat a lot more, resulting in more calories burnt. It is not a fluke. Team that with healthy eating and regular exercise and they will definitely get you results!

 To keep my 'experiment' fair, I didn't change anything else, I did the same workouts I normally do and didn't try anything new. Now, I say experiment loosely as I didn't take any measurements. But I have lost 3lbs and hit my target weight. My thighs definitely feel and look (according to warren) slimmer so I am happy. The only thing I am not happy about is the fact you can't wash them in the washing machine or tumble dry the leggings, this makes it impossible for me to use them every time I work out as drying them naturally takes days as they are very thick.

They are definitely worth the buy as even using them every couple of days has got me the results I wanted. What more do you want?! Now it's time to get the hot top...

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