Tuesday 17 September 2013

How I'd dress my Partner....*

I like to think that over the few years me and Warren have been together, I have encouraged (not forced..!) him to change his style slightly. Of course, some days when we are at home he can be found wearing his older, more unstylish T-Shirts but when we venture out, I think he knows to dress up a bit more than he used too ;) Now that it is coming into Autumn/Winter, I thought I'd share my top picks of the menswear from Barbour

I love the Barbour style, especially in the Winter, however it isn't typically Warren's style. I chose the more casual/relaxed pieces so he doesn't feel too much out of his comfort zone but I feel it is a bit more dressy than his super laid back apparel and I would definitely approve! My favourite items have to be the shirt and the green coat! I love a good collar on a man, that is probably why! I don't know what it is about the Barbour range I love so much, I just wish Warren loved it as much as me!

Would you change your partner's style if you could?

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