Monday 16 September 2013

Monday's meal plan!

This week I thought I'd do something different and join in on the monday meal plan bandwagon. We do meal plan most of the time as I think it saves money when you go food shopping and it's also easier for me, I know what we're having on what day and don't have to spend all afternoon figuring out what I can put together. 

We eat healthily and we still budget, it can be done! I go to Lidl mainly for my meat as I find it half the price of other supermarkets, even Asda! It's also good quality and just as nice. Bonus!

Monday; Homemade lean steak burgers, sweet potato fries & peas,
Tuesday; Balsamic chicken & couscous,
Wednesday; Sweet potato cottage pie & carrots,
Thursday; Grilled Salmon, quinoa & rice packet & veg,
Friday; Chicken stir fry with bean sprouts,
Saturday; Takeaway, junk food, meal out etc for treat day,
Sunday; Gammon, eggs, pineapple & sweet potato fries.

What will you be having? Any recipes you'd recommend?

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