Thursday 26 September 2013

Date Night At Giraffe

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Last night, Warren and I had a lovely date night at Giraffe Restaurant in Bath. We had been to Giraffe in Bristol together once before but to be honest, I think I was so hung over I can't remember it at all! Woops! We were excited to go back and try it again as what I do remember is the food was lovely. 

We arrived at 7:30 and were given a lovely table in the corner by the window, complete with a little tea light in a glass that is a romantic gesture on each table. The decor was simple and rustic, very my style and the atmosphere matched with the laid back vibe. We were too busy checking out the decor and listening to the funky music that we hadn't even looked at the menu when the waitress came over. We ordered our drinks* (Warren was happy to see they had Rekorderlig, one of his favourites!) and she gave us a few more minutes to decide on what to eat. 

We had a 3 course meal and to start I chose the Nachos Nirvana* and Warren had the Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings*. They were a great start to our meal, I polished mine off with a little help from Warren, even though the Nachos were a sharing size, haha! They were the best nachos I have had, it all had so much flavour, tasted fresh and you could taste each individual topping. Warren devoured his chicken wings, they were perfectly cooked, the chicken was moist and not over done or dry like in many places. Again, the sticky sauce was flavourful and the dish came with the most amazing prawn crackers! 

For our mains, I had the Rodeo Chicken Burger*, it was an inevitable choice really, give me BBQ sauce, chicken and onion rings and I am happy! Warren went for the classic 21 Day Aged Grilled Sirloin Steak*. We both chose the Sweet potato fries* and having the choice of these is something we were both impressed with. We are big fans of sweet potato chips, I make them myself all the time but they are nothing like these were! These were perfect, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and just delicious! My burger was a lot bigger than I had expected, loaded up with mushrooms, onions rings, cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato... all the good stuff! I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms but even they tasted so good with everything else. The tomato relish was a great accompaniment to the meal.

Warren's steak was absolutely delicious. He loved it so much that he said they need to do a 12oz steak and I think I agree. I have only just got into liking steak which is why I didn't order it but I had a little slice and it was so good. The best steak I have had so far! 

We were both really full by now but made room for dessert, you know how much of a sweet tooth I have, I couldn't say no! We chose the recommendations from our waitress; the Rocky Road Sundae* and the Apple & Red Cherry Crumble*. She mentioned the crumble is made to order so would take a bit longer, I was willing to wait as I knew it would be as great as the rest of our food but it really didn't take that long at all! I normally go for the chocolate option of anything if there is one so it was different for me to try a crumble, but it was definitely a winner! Even Warren agreed I had chosen the best dessert, although his chocolatey, marshmallow sundae was a close second! 

 We had a nice romantic meal in the evening, but giraffe is also the perfect family restaurant during the day offering a kids menu. We cannot wait to go back with Sienna for lunch some time. We would have been happy to pay for our meal and would have thought the price was great considering the standard of the food, it really is excellent and you can fill your boots! I love the whole style of the restaurant, the different types of food they offer and most of all the service. We had an absolutely fantastic waitress (although we didn't know her name, sorry!), she was helpful and informative but also enthusiastic. She let us know everything we needed too without sounding like she had been told to say it. It also came across that she really liked working there and was a big fan of the restaurant and the food, giving us personal recommendations. 

The restaurant and toilets were all tidy and clean. The service was fast and the other staff were also friendly and great at clearing tables pretty soon after other couples had left. I really think Giraffe is now my new favourite restaurant and we will definitely be paying another visit soon!

Have you been to Giraffe before? What do you think? 

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