Wednesday 25 September 2013

Asda little angels products

Asda little angels review
Asda little angels review
Asda little angels review

I love Asda for baby bits and their little angels product range is no exception. They are everything you need for your baby; fragrance and colour free, paediatrician approved, hypoallergenic, very effective and super affordable. 

Their dry & sensitive moisture cream* is so lovely and I love giving Sienna a bath and then a baby massage to apply this. It helps keep her skin nicely moisturised, soft and supple. It is great for any extra dry patches she might have and is excellent for babies with eczema. Sienna did suffer with patches particularly on her face in her first few months of life but that was down to her lactose intolerance. We were given specific cream from the doctors for it however, I wish we had used this on her because the prescribed stuff was so greasy and smelt medical. This has no fragrance and sinks in nicely so her skin feels as delicious as a baby's should!

The protective nappy ointment* is something I always grab when I'm in Asda. It is one of the best creams I have found for Sienna's sore bum, especially when she's teething. It acts as a barrier so I find it helpful to apply even if she isn't sore, to prevent the nappy rash.

Priced at only £1 and available in Asda, these are affordable and effective products we can't live without!

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