Saturday 6 July 2013

Volcom Moonbeam Grey Scarf

 Volcom Moonbeam Scarf - RRP £19.99*

I am a scarf girl. My mum always points out that it's the middle of summer, i'm in a strappy top and shorts, but i still have a scarf on.  I love to accessorise with a simple scarf, it doesn't take a lot of thought but looks effective by adding print and colour to an otherwise boring outfit.

My new favourite is this beautiful Volcom one from Freestyle Xtreme*. It's a large square scarf in a gorgeous grey and black print. Polkadots, roses and feathers all on one scarf? SOLD! I am a big fan of all of those things so put together on a scarf is like christmas come early for me, well, not quite... but i do love it.

Once again, my leather jacket has snuck into another post, but i feel this scarf goes so well with it. The colours, textures, oo it's just lovely! It's great for this time of year too, with our temperamental weather in England, it's warm enough when it gets cold but not too thick when the sun does decide to show its pretty face! If you love scarves as much as me, this is a must have!

Are you a scarf lover?

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