Friday 5 July 2013

The Snoodie Dribble Bib by Mama Scarf!

Sienna was very kindly sent this gorgeous hot pink Snoodie to try out and review. When Sienna is teething she dribbles a lot and this is where the Snoodie comes in!  They are gorgeous, soft dribble bibs that help keep your babies clothes dry so you don't have to change them every 2 minutes! They are practical and stylish and contain an absorbent layer inside to catch all the dribble. 

I find these SO handy, much more so than normal bibs and that is because of the amazing double popper on the back. This means the bib is adjustable, so i can make it smaller so it fits right under her chin.  We have a whole drawer of regular bibs and not one of them fit her properly around the neck, they are far too big and the dribble just rolls underneath, so her vest/clothes is soaked underneath the bib, pointless and very annoying.

Using the Snoodie is far more practical and i have finally found a bib that can actually keep Sienna's clothes dry! Hurrah! The Snoodie comes in many different colours and are priced at £6.95 each or £12 for a pack of 2. They also offer Free UK Delivery and if you like their Facebook through their website, you reveal a 10% discount code to use on your order! Mama Designs also offer more baby and mum products so make sure you check them out!

Do you find bibs helpful or a hindrance? 

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