Monday 8 July 2013

Ambermist Instant Tanning Mousse & Perfection Brush!

Ambermist instant tanning mousse RRP £12.00* and Perfection Brush RRP £14.95*

When I first heard about amber mist and the perfection brush, I was intrigued at the concept. I was unsure how you could really apply tan with a brush with a) not making the biggest mess and b) not getting streaks everywhere. I was also interested to see how the tan felt and looked because of the aloe vera gel. The fact is was paraben free has my eyes wide as well.

It's not a way I had ever imagined applying my fake tan but thought I'd give it a go! The Ambermist tan is like any other mousse I have tried, the obvious mousse consistency and brown colouring. The aloe vera didn't make any difference to the texture, it still went on smoothly and evened out well.

The colour it gave was natural and lived up to the medium label it has. Although, it did cling pretty badly to my feet, knees, elbows and hands even though I exfoliated and moisturised. Where it clung, those areas looked a bit tangoed. Next time, i will add a bit more moisturiser or even mix them together to create lighter coverage. Saying that, the tan still looked good and i wasn't scared to show it off, you can only notice if you are really close up to me.

The thing that impressed me most about the actual tan was that I used it on my face and it didn't break me out. This is a BIG tick in my books, I don't normally tan my face but then there is no possible way I can go without make-up as the contrast is just horrendous. With this, my face was nicely tanned too and I just looked much better without make-up, which in turn makes me more confident.

As for applying it with the brush? I think it is a revelation in tanning and it excites me a lot. By far the easiest and most fool proof way to tan those tricky areas like the hands, feet and face. Although it did come off a little too strong, they were not patchy and were nicely even and blended around the sides. Again, another big tick in my book. I will be using this brush all the time to tan!

Find out more about Ambermist on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

What's your #1 tan? Have you tried Ambermist?

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  1. I always use the brush to tan my fan now its so fab! I must admit I only use this tan now to tan my face or if I want a lighter tan. I tend to use my nouvatan or one hour chloe sims tan lately. If I need a dark tan il opt for xen Moroccan tan. I have way to many tans!