Friday 17 August 2012

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit!*

A while ago you may have seen me tweet that i was very kindly sent this Veet EasyWax Kit to try out! Waxing is the most efficient way to remove body hair apart from the very expensive permanent hair removal they offer now. Although we all know waxing is great, we still tend to shave due to the convenience and the in-expense of it. 

Veet have tried to solve this problem with this Electrical Roll-On Kit! It's perfectly convenient for you to do in your own home, at your own leisure and cuts the cost of those salon visits.  

The kit is fairly compact and although fairly self explanatory, comes with a great set of instructions. Unlike a traditional wax pot, this only takes 20 minutes to warm up and then its ready for use! Perfect to pop on before you shower, then when you're done in the shower, your wax is ready to use to get those silky legs! 

This wax kit claims that it is effective on hair as little as 2mm! I wanted to test this theory out because it can be rather annoying and unattractive to let your body hair grow to a certain length before waxing. 

I plugged in my little kit and left it for 20 minutes to warm up, there is a red light on the front to signal it is on and warming. After 20 minutes, i rolled it onto my leg. I would say it maybe needed a little longer than 20 minutes to warm up as it did roll on quite patchy and was still a little unmelted. However, saying that, i applied the strip and the wax still came off very easily and cleanly. I was very impressed that it actually did remove some of the smaller hairs i had on my legs! 

***You may find this picture a little gross which is why i kept it small, but this is only a few hairs from my leg & i wanted to prove that it did remove small hairs.***

Overall. i think this kit is very effective and convenient and blows the price of salon waxing price out the water! I think Veet have definitely achieved with this product and i will be purchasing the smaller head for my underarms and bikini line! 

This Kit is available from Boots for the RRP £29.99. Refills RRP £9.99.

Will you be giving this a go?

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  1. i think ill give it a go! ive tried all the other home kits and ended up in a right sticky unwaxed mess and ended up at the salon after all lol. fingers crossed!