Saturday 18 August 2012


Well not yet, but we will be!! (hopefully)

 Me and Warren are taking part in BBC3's 'We're having a baby'. We are going to be 'vlogging' our daily lives throughout pregnancy, the birth and the first couple of weeks of being young parents. 

We have already started filming, we do it ourselves and film whatever parts we want too such as decorating the nursery, choosing baby names or just days out while im pregnant with family. Of course not all of the footage we take can be used as there are other couples/pregnant ladies taking part too, but it's an exciting thing to do and we will still have the videos for memories even if they dont make it onto the TV!

The show probably wont be broadcast until early next year, after everyone has had their babies but i wanted to let you know! This will probably spark a big volume of more pregnancy posts and youtube videos. This did start off as a beauty blog so i will still be doing beauty posts, but my youtube will probably be mainly about pregnancy.

If you want to follow our journey through my pregnancy, the birth & becoming young parents, use the links below!!


  1. Aw thats amazing! I'll look out for you on the tele! x

  2. ahh exciting i was asked to take part in this but im not sure i i want to be on tv hahaha so excited to watch it now and see you :) xx

  3. How exciting :D keep us updated :)