Tuesday 14 August 2012

Our 3D/4D Ultrasound!!

Yesterday was the most exciting part of my pregnancy so far, we got to see our little baby's face!! I was a bit nervous for some reason and anxious to just see him/her! The day went soo slow but it was worth waiting every second for! PS. We still don't know what flavour this baby is, but we think it looks more like a girl now than a boy! Warren thinks 'it' has my nose!

Sleeping with a bit of a frown!

Little chubby cheeks!!

Trying to hide, or waving?! 

A little half smile!

Here he/she has his foot up by their face and is trying to grab hold of the toes! It did at one point manage to get them but we didn't quite get a picture! 

Just a little collage of a few of them i made! 

We did also get a disc of the 'orangey' coloured photos, we couldn't get a disc of the moving images but we're going to try and work some magic in imovie and i will be uploading that soon! Hopefully you will get an idea of the movement.

I would recommend everyone who is pregnant to do this, is it quite expensive but the feeling you get is priceless to see your baby! It was definitely a good thing for us to do to help us bond with our baby!

If you're catching up with my pregnancy updates, i have a few new videos!

27 week update!

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  1. ahh wow he/she has really grown! I love the 3d pictures :)

  2. Hey lovely!!! :)
    You have a blog!

    Is it weird that im generally excited for you?

    Lots of love,
    Sarah xox