Sunday 15 July 2012

Veet Face EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips!

Waxing is one of the most effective ways of hair removal, pulling the hairs right from the root. Being a qualified beauty therapist, i have used many professional and non-professional brands and forms of wax. One of my favourite waxes for delicate areas is the Clean + Easy acai berry hard wax, but sometimes i can't be bothered to warm up my wax pot for just a small area. Lazy yes, but it just seems so pointless to wait 45 minutes for it to warm up, just for the waxing to be over in 5 minutes! 

Currently only £4.25 in Superdrug, normally retailing around £5.29

My mum always comes to me to get her upper lip waxed (sorry mum!) but this time she bought along these Veet strips. I had used Veet strips before and i really didn't like them, i found they didn't really grab the hairs to pull them out and therefore were not very effective. I set about waxing her upper lip, i didn't argue on using these as i knew they'd be quicker and easier, however, i didn't think they'd be as effective as 'professional' wax.

The kit is pretty standard for any at home waxing kit you can get, it comes with instructions complete with aftercare, the 20 strips and 4 finishing wipes for afterwards; to remove any left over wax and soothe the area.

I noticed on warming the strip that the wax felt a lot softer than the last time i used it and didn't take much time at all to warm between my hands. The strips peeled off easily and seemed to stick and grab the hairs very well. One firm rip and the wax and strip came away well and in one go, no mess! I was very impressed with the amount of hairs it managed to get out, even the tiny ones! The quality of the strips also seemed a lot better, which is when i noticed they had actually changed the strips, advertising 'New Strips' on the box. (Yes, i'm a bit slow!)  

The finishing wipes are very oily, and that helped in doing a great job at removing any excess wax and residue so you're not left with a sticky mess. You will want to blot this off afterwards so you don't have a greasy upper lip!

Overall, i was very impressed with this kit and the new strips. It's easy, quick and very effective, definitely a more budget friendly way to get salon results in your own home! I will be using these to do my own upper lip this evening (sexy) and would definitely repurchase them! 

 What's your favourite method/products for hair removal?

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