Thursday 12 July 2012

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos!*

I was kindly sent these temporary tattoos to review and when i first heard about them, i was super excited. I have always loved tattoos and have one of my own, however, i am reluctant to get anymore as i keep changing my mind on what i want. A lot of tattoos these days are more to do with fashion, but you have them for the rest of your life. This is where temporary tattoos come in, and not the kind you get when you're kids ;)

I was sent three packs, 'Love is enough', 'I'm a dreamer' and 'In your own words'. 
These all retail for £7.99 per collection, available from Skin Art directly or Boots. On their website, it also says they are available from Amazon but i could not find them.
 They also have celebrity inspired tattoos for £10 and various glitter tattoos from £5.99.

'In your own words'

'I'm a dreamer'

'Love is enough'

I have a rather healthy obsession with anything to do with feathers, and have wanted a feather tattoo for  literally 3/4 years, i just can't work out where i want it. I instantly knew i had to try the biggest feather tattoo from the' I'm a dreamer' collection. 

I followed the instructions exactly as it said and it was very simple pretty much how you do all transferable tattoos!
Cut it out, peel the plastic off, apply face down to the chosen skin and dampen the back.
I chose to do mine on my right wrist.

The back peeled off very easily and none of the tattoo broke off or stuck. It's a very quick process and dried right away.

They are VERY black when first applied and it does say apply a layer of talcum powder to make it look more authentic, which i may have to do. They say it can last up to 5 days, depending on what your skin type is and where you apply it etc. To remove, you use an oil based product to lightly exfoliate the area.

I really liked the fact i could try out my tattoo idea before actually committing to getting it done permanently. I really like to result and think it's great you can constantly change them and place them in different areas, unlike real tattoos.

Have you tried these? What do you think of this concept? Would you buy them?


  1. I have a couple of tattoos but love this idea especially when your thinking of getting one

    Tanesha x

  2. I love these! And they last ages!!!

  3. My british friend tried this and loved it and she brought me a pack as well, I can't wait to try it too! :) x

    editor of My Fashion Lust List