Wednesday 18 July 2012

Morrisons Hair & Beauty Products!

There are some things that are worth indulging in, as cheaper alternatives just do not cut it. For me that is my facial skincare and base make-up; foundations/concealers/powders. 

When it comes to body care and hair care, i'm not really too fussed and don't take too much care. Of course, all good beauty bloggers exfoliate and moisturise daily (!!), but i'm not one to get fussy over what scrub or moisturiser.  

Morrisons papaya & mango shower scrub, Morrisons cocoa butter hand & body lotion, Morrisons 'Soak it up' shampoo & conditioner.

Morrisons range of hair and beauty products have caught my eye recently. I originally bought just the Conditioner. I love Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration and this is very similar in many ways, i decided a comparison was in order. Being impressed with it, i have gradually added to my collection.

Soak it up shampoo & conditioner.

In my personal opinion, these are just as good as the Herbal Essence's. A lot of cheaper shampoos can not lather very well and conditioners can be very thin and not hydrate the hair at all. These are both the opposite, the conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and detangled without using half a bottle in one go.  They both also smell gorgeous!

Cocoa butter hand & body lotion.

This is very comparable to the Palmers Cocoa butter as some may expect. This is just a little thinner in consistency which can be a pro or a con, depending on personal preference. Personally, i like it as it sinks in beautifully; i hate anything that leaves even the slightest residue on the skin. This has the standard cocoa butter smell but isn't as strong as the infamous Palmer's.

Papaya and Mango shower scrub.

Tt isn't a particularly grainy scrub which is great for more sensitive skins and those who do actually exfoliate on a daily basis. If i do want a more intense scrub, i use this as well as a pair of exfoliating gloves and it works amazingly, giving me super soft skin, ready to soak up my cocoa butter! It smells super fruity and is a great one to wake you up and your skin up!

Overall, i think these are great value for money all retailing at only £1.00 each! The packaging doesn't instantly scream 'super market value' or look offensive in your bathroom either which is definitely a bonus! 

I know every now and then it's comforting to splurge on a rich, luxurious body cream but for everyday essentials, there are a steal and do the job perfectly!

Are there any super market brands you particularly like? What products do you tend to save and not splurge on?

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  1. That scrub looks so good. I always use exfoliating scrubs in the summer when my skin is a little dryer.


  2. That scrub looks so good. I always use exfoliating scrubs in the summer when my skin is a little dryer.


  3. awesome!

    Prada Fragrance give-away on my blog! Enter ;-) xx

  4. I love those shampoos! I want to go buy the body butter now. Sometimes these things just work as well as "high end"... many a studies have been done :) xxx

  5. I dont tend to spend a lot on shower gels and bubble bath as I get through so much I would never spend over a fiver on them x