Tuesday 10 July 2012

How i store & organise my scarves!

Scarves are something i normally find tricky to store. They can take up a lot of space if you have many, but i like to have them displayed to see which ones i have and make it easier to see what i want to wear.  Many times i have stuffed them all in a box and forgot which ones i have and they never get worn. 

When we moved to our new house, i had a whole cupboard of scarves that looked something like this!

Not only do they take up a whole wardrobe, they also don't look very tidy! Yesterday i decided to actually organise them. My nan picked me up some actual scarf hangers (which i didn't know existed) and a larger trouser hanger for my bulkier pashminas! 

I don't know where she got these exact ones from, but if you search scarf hangers into google you can find a whole bunch of different ones! Ikea, eBay and Lakeland have some good ones.

I used the scarf hangers for my thinner/summery scarves in no particular order except the smaller ones in the smaller holes!  

They look much tidier in the wardrobe and i can still see what colours/patterns i have to go with my outfits! 

With the trouser hanger, i threaded my pashminas through and tried to do it in some sort of colour coordination on one side.

Then i put all my coloured and patterned scarves on the other side! 

So now i have an almost empty wardrobe again! I may use it to store some of the baby's clothes as i'm not sure if we're getting a wardrobe for the baby's nursery, or wether one will even fit! 

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  1. You have a lot of scarves ha ha I really could do with something like these too :)

    Tanesha x