Monday 2 July 2012

My (surprise) 21st!!

Now obviously, turning 21 was not a surprise to me, but my boyfriend had organised a surprise birthday meal for me! It was SUCH a surprise, i literally had no idea. As i am coincidentally 21 weeks pregnant as well, i really wasn't that bothered about doing anything. 

I couldn't believe how Warren had kept all of it a secret to me and i hadn't sussed anything, i'm normally good at that kind of thing! I also couldn't believe how many people were there, i was definitely in shock for the first 10 minutes! I thought i would share some pictures :)

I got some really lovely presents including my Butler & Wilson Angel wing bracelet, some beautiful earrings, a voucher for us to get a 4d scan of our baby done!!, some vouchers for me to get my hair done and a mother-to-be pamper package (which i cant wait for!), my gorgeous orchid and not to forget my amazing cake! I had the best time even though i was pregnant and couldn't drink ;)

To top it all off, my friend went into labour on my birthday and her baby girl Millie Rose was born around 7:30ish in the evening! Congratulations Martina & Kris! I can't wait to meet her :)

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  1. What a lovely birthday surprise, the pictures look amazing :) xxx

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  2. Aw that is so thoughtful! The cake looks amazing! Happy belated 21st! x

  3. Awesome! Congrats and I LOVE YOUR CAKE!xxxx

  4. aww looks lovely last birthday without your little one. My birthday was on the 7th July and it was my first one as a mummy waking up to a card and a big smile of my little boy made it the best birthday ever!