Friday 29 June 2012

Baby buys so far!!

So this title is a bit of a lie because we actually haven't bought anything ourselves yet! All of this we have been bought/given by family and friends, which we are so grateful for! 

Today i'm feeling good and have a bit more energy than i have had all week, so i wanted to sort all the baby things out to see what we really have left to get! I also organised it into some drawers we have in there. I actually want to paint these drawers white or maybe even buy some more, and i need to wash everything but i just put it in there for now! 

On top i just have sudocrem, baby bath, bibs & bits and bobs at the moment as we haven't bought any nursery furniture yet! 

The first drawer is all the essential main pieces! There is a lot of white as we don't know the sex of our baby but once the baby is born and we know, i'm sure i will go and buy some pink/blue clothes! ;)

On the left is newborn short sleeved baby grows/vest!  

And on the right is newborn long sleeves baby grows/vests! 

Drawer 2 on the left is lots of newborn cardigans as he/she will be born in November! 

The right is still a bit bare as i need to add to it, but is new born outfits/pjs and warmer/fluffy sleepsuits! 

Drawer 3 on the left has all the socks, mittens, hats and booties and also 1 sleeveless 0-3 month vest! (I need to get more!)

On the right i have put all the 0-3 months long sleeved baby grows and then a big fluffy bear sleepsuit which is the cutest!

On the bottom drawer on the right, i have 5 hooded baby bath towels and just 1 cellular blanket at the moment!

On the right i have a mixture of bigger and smaller clothes! I have some 3-6 months baby grows, some 6-9 months and then just incase, i have some 'tiny baby' baby grows that are for up to 5lbs! Hopefully i won't have to use those, unless its an extra small baby at full term!

A closer look at some of the clothes!
The short sleeved baby grows have some cute little pictures on them like this;

This cute cute cute zebra print baby grow and matching hat! Although i'm not sure if i would put a boy in this?!

The super cute bear suit! <3

Little pyjamas! 

This is the pattern on it, too cute! 

Some other bits and bobs we have received include...

a door baby bouncer! I remember my little brother absolutely loved his when he was younger and so i have always wanted one for my baby! I also think they're good for the baby to strengthen his/her legs before they can crawl/walk properly!

We also have a car seat rain cover, my mum and dad kindly bought our travel system and we settled on the Hauck Turbo Plus Travel System in Sand. You can get it with the carrycot as well but as the car seat fits on the pushchair, and the pushchair is also suitable from birth itself, i didn't think there was any point! We managed to find a seller on eBay that sold it without the carry cot and included the foot muff and changing bag! It is perfect from what i have seen so far, i will do a full review of it properly when i have it back at mine and the baby is nearly here! My mum still has this as i've heard it's bad luck to keep the pushchair yourself!

I also have all my feeding equipment; Bottle steriliser, bottles, bottle brush, breast pump, breast pads and a bottle warmer. I really want to try and breastfeed but you never know if it will work out so i have everything for bottle feeding too! It will also come in handy if i have to express my breast milk at any time. 

Last but not least we have our moses basket! We were actually given this for free from a friend of my auntie (my auntie is also pregnant!) which is a bargain! Hopefully baby won't be in it for very long and will go into his/her's cot, so i didn't see the point in turning down this one! We just need to get a new mattress and bedding for it!

This has been a super long post but i wanted to share everything we had! No doubt there will be more posts like this and i cant wait to get started on the nursery now! Sorting this out has made me super excited :)

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