Friday 6 July 2012

22 weeks pregnant & more baby buys!

So i am 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant today! In a way it seems AGES ago since my 20 week scan, but when i think i'm 22 weeks already, i feel like it has gone fast?!

I have definitely grown this week, i feel huge! And i have got quite down about it a few times! Nothing fits me anymore and all the maternity clothes are not flattering and very frumpy! I have a friend's wedding evening do to attend next Friday and had a nightmare trying to find a dress! I did find one at last and it's not maternity! Just a size 12 from new look! 

 As you can probably guess, my boobies are enormous and so i had to get a maternity bra! It's a lot more comfortable as it hasn't got a wire. I don't feel it gives me as much support but it's a lot better than wearing my old smaller bras! 

My headaches are still occurring daily but some days are better than others. My nausea came back last week most days but i was never actually sick thank god! Hopefully that was just a blip! Saying that, i have been able to actually drink water the last couple of weeks and i have cut down the amount of chocolate milk i am drinking! 

My boyfriend had Tuesday off this week and we went baby shopping for the first time! We picked up a few bits but i was still unsure on how we were decorating the nursery so we didn't get any 'big/important' items!

We went to Morrisons first just to get the first pack of nappies and wet wipes! I had also seen a cute changing mat i wanted to get! 

This is the changing mat, i LOVE the design and its very unisex too! And it was also a bargain at just £5!!

Next, we headed to Mothercare to get some bits! We didn't pick up much but still ticked a few things off the list! Bibs, night lights, dummies, thermometer for the nursery and some 0-3 month little body suits.

 The little clothes are ones my boyfriend picked out and i adore them! My favourite animal is elephants so i couldn't resist those!

We also picked up a bedding bale set, again very neutral with bears on it because we don't know what flavour this baby is! I washed some baby clothes and the moses basket bedding and put it together this morning. It looks so cute but we're still undecided wether we need/want a coverlet for the moses basket! We have spied this one which we like. 

Yesterday, i went shopping with my mum and i picked up the baby's first book! I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it and want to get more! It's the Bedtime with Humphrey by Sally Hunter and it is just so cute! Again, it's an elephant so i'm bound to love it but it's also just a lovely, thick heavy book that i will keep forever! It's also good for real basic learning when the baby is young.

We also had a few things arrive in the post this week! The first thing was a 'present' that Warren ordered for the baby without telling me! He got Liverpool baby grows in 2 sizes and i think they are lovely :)

The next thing was the free Nuby soother than i was sent! I've never seen anything like it but it seems like it would be comfortable! We'll have to see how the baby likes it!

 It was so exciting to finally go shopping! I can't wait to get the cot and for the baby's room to really start taking shape! I'm also weirdly looking forward to buying everything i need for my hospital bag and packing it, but that won't be for a while yet! Although i'm not excited to actually go to the hospital! 


  1. Loving the baby buys :) Me and the OH popped into mothercare today and picked up the vest with turtles on but in pink, it is sooo adorable. xx

  2. ahhhh i love baby clothes xxxxxxxx

    cute blog x

    Natali xox