Friday 20 July 2012

24 weeks & bump shot!!

I wanted to include these photos, because i wore this to a wedding last week and *shock horror* it's  a bandage dress, and i was 23 weeks pregnant! Can that be done? I think it looks alright! :)

It certainly made me feel more glam than i normally do! Although my feet were killing me from not wearing heels for the last 6 months ;)

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  1. Aww how exciting seeing bumps makes me miss my bump x

  2. You look amazing in the wedding outfit! x

  3. Aww lovely bump pics :) thanks for your comment on my blog too, glad it was helpful for you, good luck :)

  4. you look adorable the the second outfit shot looks great!
    Sheree x

  5. Cute little baby bump makes me miss mine :)