Sunday 29 January 2012

St Moriz Dark Mousse!

I'm a big fan of the St Moriz original mousse and now being a more experienced (and more brave) tanner, i thought i'd try the dark version.

I was expecting good things from this but i'm a little bit torn on my decision. The consistency is obviously a mousse, and it does come out very dark.

Not the most attractive photo but this shows how dark it is! As i started to apply it, i did feel a little bit scared as the difference was so stark!
As i worked my way up my body with the tan, i realised that if you don't shake the bottle before each pump, it will just come out as a liquid and get very messy! But shaking the bottle between each pump is also very messy!

I ended up flicking this all over my floor, sofa, walls, arms... you name it, everything got covered! Needless to say my boyfriend was not happy and it was quite traumatic applying this! I was glad when it was over! 

I also noticed that this didn't dry as quickly as previous mousse-type-tans i have tried and it was actually very sticky/tacky for a long time. I slept and woke up with the sound of my boyfriend saying i looked like i had changed ethnicity overnight. I was automatically horrified when i saw my hands...

How dark!!
I jumped in the shower and tried to scrub most of it off. I didn't have much luck and my hands still look funny. One thing i can say is that it is more brown than orange which is definitely a good point! Another good point is that it's the only tan thats actually taken on my legs and help make them look even remotely brown! On the down side it did all wash off my chest/stomach. No tans ever really takes to those parts much on me but they've never washed off completely.

I'm a little bit in between with this tan because when i woke up, i was horrified and thought i was going to look ridiculous! However, looking back at the photos, i think i look nice and tanned, but i didn't have much skin on show purely because every part of me was a different shade of brown!

Wether i use this again, i'l let you know!!

What did you think if you've tried this? What is your favourite tan?

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  1. I think perhaps you got a faulty bottle? I've gone through a few of the St.Moriz Dark & I've never seen one leak that much or needed to shake it between pumps. You look lovely! Nicely tanned and it looks real! x

  2. yeah maybe i did i got 2 bottles so next time i'll try the other one and see if its better :) x

  3. I love this tan, one of my faves but yeah I agree maybe it's a faulty batch x

  4. I have the medium one and even that sometimes scares me a little, I do love how it is streak free. I always have trouble tanning my hands and ankles.

    Brill blog