Monday 6 February 2012

The best (real) eyelashes i've ever had...

I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for the best mascara, i search high and low and have tried endless mascaras to give the effect i want. My problems are either mascara making them too clumpy or too thin. My lashes also don't hold a curl properly but waterproof mascaras never come off when i remove my make-up or are too drying and flake off. Phew, thats ALOT of problems! 

Well, low and behold i have found my perfect lash routine! 

These 3 products are the best! I know a lash comb is probably the most basic, but i have never used one to brush through my lashes before mascara, i didn't think it would make any difference, now it's part of my daily routine! 

The Clarins double fix mascara is to make any mascara/eyebrow pencil waterproof and keep it in place. I do use it for my eyebrows (but thats another post) but for my lashes, i use it before my mascara as a primer. It works amazingly and helps 'bulk up' my lashes before putting any colour on. It does as well make it waterproof so no smudging and helps my lashes keep their curl!

Next, i apply my new love, Avon's spectralash mascara. I heard about this through Tanya Burr and her lashes always look amazinggg so i ordered it right away! I have never been happier with a mascara! The formulation is perfect, as is the brush. 

It's got the dial on the end so you can choose 1, 2 or 3 for what kind of lash you want, from natural to full. I always use the number 3 a i like my lashes to always look their best so i haven't tried 1 or 2. I love that the brush is not plastic, i hate plastic brushes on mascaras! The formulation is not too drying to make the lashes flaky but not too runny to only give a thin coat of colour. It also works very well on my bottom lashes and this whole routine helps keep them all separated. 

These (bad iphone) photos are with a coat of the Clarins double fix and 2 coats of the Avon Spectralash, top and bottom. I always build it up more to about 4 coats when i go out and you are able to just keep buildng without them clumping badly! On this bottom picture, you can really see the curl of my outer lashes which i usually struggle to get and keep. 

So that's my new mascara and mascara primer! If you're looking for a new mascara i highly recommend this one! I got mine from my Avon representative for only £5 in the january sales! 

Do you prime your lashes? Have you tried either of these products?

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  3. OMG Your lashes are sooooo long, I'm jealous! I'm currently in love with Marcelle Power Volume, I might just have found my favorite mascara...

  4. i love clarins and avon products- yet i've never used either of these!! i'm always on the hunt for the perfect combo for lush lashes, will def be checking these two products out! thanks for the review!