Monday 23 January 2012

Pre Christmas Haul & recent beauty buys!!

This has been long awaited and sorry for the lack of posts recently but i don't have a camera apart from my iphone! They're obviously not the best photos but never mind! 
So before christmas i stocked up on some winter warmers! I needed some new clothes for the winter and wanted some new boots also.

 We're saving to buy a house at the moment so cheap clothes are my friend! 

First up, my best buy was definitely my new boots! I didn't own any knee high flat boots and these fit the bill perfectly! After trying every other pair on in Primark, these were the only ones i loved.

I feel they're great quality as well and were only £20! I love the colour, the little heel and the shape of them at the top (which you cant quite see).

I love all the gold hard wear, they have zips on the inside and buckles at the top on the outside. The inside is lined gorgeously aswell and i love the print and colours of the material used!

I also picked up some basics from primark as i'm aways sure to do! Leggings and long strappy tops and the foundation of most of my outfits! 

Next i wanted some blouses to wear, just to make my outfits more interesting. I picked up these 3 beautiful blouses. The blue and red one are from select and the leopard print one is from F&F at tesco.

I love all of them and have been enjoying wearing them. I wore the leopard print one when we went to Liverpool in November and on Christmas day with my brown leggings and boots and adored it! I also wore the blue one boxing day to the races and the red one on new years eve! Here's an idea of how i wore the leopard print one and the red one.

Looove them!!
I also bought myself a new coat! I loved this one as soon as i saw and my boyfriend liked it too which is a bonus! I love the warm colour, it's a thick heavy coat to keep me warm with gold hard wear to match my boots and blouses and has the gorgeous faux fur collar, which is removable! What else could you want?

On the beauty front, here a few recent buys! Post/reviews on some of these to come!

 What are you wearing this winter?


  1. Woww the coat and boots and amazingg :D

    love them!

  2. omg. your new boots are amazing! i love them. totally following your blog. I hope you'll check out mine. xo

  3. wow you've got some gorgeous bits there!
    I have that coat in navy, I love it!

    Marie x

  4. Your so pretty! Thanks for the comment on my old blog, take a look at my current one and photographic work.
    Charlotte King