Tuesday 1 November 2011

My ultimate skincare routine!

As beauty bloggers, we are always trying out new products and i especially, am always trying out new skincare. Skincare i something i am passionate about and having suffered with acne, it's very close to my heart. Keeping my skin clear and radiant is VERY important to me because it affects my self-confidence more than anything else. 

I have done separate reviews of most of these products, which i will link in for you, but i just wanted to document them altogether really for myself, so i can remember what works for my skin if i ever try new products and my skin starts playing up!


 L-R; Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser, Clinique clarifying lotion, Clean & Clear dual action moisturiser & Soap & Glory super eyes, super eyes.

My morning routine is pretty simple. I'll use my cleanser just once to rinse off any dirt/sweat/grime, use my clarifying lotion on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. Then i just pop on my eye cream and my moisturiser. Easy! You can read all the reviews on these products to see how amazing they are!


L-R; Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanserClinique clarifying lotion, L'oreal gentle make-up remover, Clinique repairwear eye cream, Simple replenishing moisturiser.

To remove my make-up, i firstly use my eye make-up remover on some cotton pads and then go on to cleanse my face twice, with the same cleanser. I'm actually not a fan of this eye make-up remover as it does tend to sting my eyes quite bad! They are blood shot most evenings after using this, attractive! I included it because it is what i'm using, if you have any recommendations, please let me know! Again, after cleansing twice, i use my clarifying lotion in exactly the same way an follow with my eye cream and moisturiser. 

This eye cream and moisturiser is heavier than my daytime ones because we want more moisturiser over night to help our skin repair itself. These 2 are just basics i would say, there is nothing incredibly special about them but they do their job without irritating my skin or breaking me out. They moisturise well and leave my skin with a natural radiance and that's all i need! :)


Dermalogica sebum clearing masque & St Ives Apricot scrub.

These are the products i reach for when i feel i need a little more 'clearing out'. When i feel a bit yucky and need a deep clean. I use the Dermalogica masque quite rarely, maybe every 2-3 months, as i find it works great for a serious breakout, which touch wood, i haven't been getting regularly. I also tend to use it more frequently in the warmer months to help with oil control.

The St. Ives scrub is a old classic to most people, i personally, have only just started to use it regularly; maybe twice a week. It's amazing for just refining the look of pores and any blackheads on the nose/cheeks/chin areas. I normally use this in the mornings (after cleansing, but before my clarifying lotion) so my make-up goes on smoother. I wouldn't use this if you have any 'active' spots/acne as it can spread the bacteria and result in more.


Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control & Garnier Pure A Night treatment.

These are the 2 best spot treatments hands down. The Neutrogena one is great at calming redness down and reducing a spot's size. It's very hydrating so doesn't leave that 'crusty' look when the spot dries out and smells like watermelon! It's great to use in the day under/over make-up or on its own. The Garnier pure A is amazing for night and helping to get rid of the marks when a spot has disappeared or been extracted and is healing. Do not apply either of these to broken skin if you have just extracted a spot and it is 'open', wait until the spot has healed over. Whichever one i use and be it morning or night, i always apply it directly to the spot on clean skin, before my moisturiser.

So that's my skincare routine that i have found works best to keep me and my skin happy!

 What's your failsafe skincare products? What couldn't you (or your skin) live without?