Wednesday 2 November 2011

Interview OOTD & FOTD!

Today, i had a second interview for an excellent position i applied for. It was very formal and professional so i had to emulate that with my dress code. I thought i would post it as some people never know what to wear for interviews! This is my fail safe, go-to outfit for formal interviews.

I've uploaded my video explaining where everything is from. Check it out below!

For my make-up, i kept it quite neutral but defined my eyes with a darker shadow through the crease and outer corner. I used mainly products i always do so i'm not going to list them, just show you them altogether. Ask any questions if you want to know what a specific thing is :)

This was the final look!

 The interview went extremely well and i have a 'trade test' on Friday doing the job for 3 hours to see how i'll find it! I'm very nervous but will obviously do my best! I'll let you know how Friday goes :)

What would you wear to a formal interview?

1 comment:

  1. I tend to wear all black to a interview . A smart jacket always perfects the look xx good luck i hope you got the job x