Friday 28 October 2011

Review; Daniel Sandler's eye Delight in 'Peach'!

Now when i first saw this in my Carmine Box, i thought the colour was right up my street! I love peaches & golds and think they suit my skin tone wether i have a (fake) tan or not! 

It's a gorgeous shimmery, loose eyeshadow powder in this gorgeous 'peach' shade. It's a great product, i love how shimmery it is and thought i'd be using this every single day in the tear duct, however, it's too peachy for me and almost comes across as rather orangey.

 Swatch with no flash.
 Swatch with flash.

I've worn this as eyeshadow a few times and i'm still unsure about it. It is a beautiful product and colour, but i just can't love it on my eyes! In the photos, it does highlight the inner corners beautifully, but with a flash, in 'real life' it's a lot more orange toned as you can vaguely see towards the outer corner of my eyes. As i don't like it as an eyeshadow, i may experiment using it as a blush/highlight for nights out!

What do you think of this colour? Would you wear it on your eyes?

1 comment:

  1. OMG I love this colour on you, its soooo pretty. I wish it looked this good on me :( Its looks silver on me :( u look stunning!