Friday 4 November 2011

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream; A review!!

I received a few samples of the Garnier BB cream recently. These kind of creams have been all over the blog world and they have never appealed to me. I think of the as the same as tinted moisturisers and i don't particularly get on with those. I though i would try this one out just to see if my opinion had changed.

I love the idea of a product that can do it all, i mean, what girl wouldn't? Now that my skin is clearer, i have been flirting with the idea of using something with a little lighter coverage and just concealing blemishes but never been able to fully commit.

When this little number popped through my letterbox yesterday, it was a nice surprise and I was barefaced so i had the urge to try this straight away! The packaging got me excited, its fresh and clean but also very informative, which i loved. I know a lot people don't know what a bb cream is or what it's meant to do, so these little paragraphs below are perfect.

I got a generous 3 sachet of the cream (in the colour 'Light') so i can really try it out, as we all know first impressions can soon change! I also got a £1 off voucher to use on a selection of their products, including this one!

 On first squeezing out the product, i noticed that the cream was quite thick which i wasn't expecting and it also looked quite pigmented, which again, came as a surprise. You can see the colouring isn't bad but i can imagine this would not be light enough for some skin tones, it has got a rather warm 'tanned' undertone to it.

When i applied the cream, it did go on very nicely, blended well and the colour match wasn't too bad. It gave my skin a nice warm glow, in colour and dewyness. It did offer more coverage than i expected, it covered and evened out my skin tone and redness but i would still have to conceal problem areas such as a breakout and acne scars.

Here are the pictures you're here for, before and after photos!

You can see a tide mark on my chin, sorry about that, but i literally put it on, took photos, and took it off! Obviously, because of that i won't be able to review how it wears throughout the day. 

You can see it's reduced my redness and evened everything out to match my neck slightly better. It's not heavy or too full in coverage as you can still see some freckles/sun spots/imperfections. Sometimes i do prefer this look, i don't mind a few imperfections poking through if it means i don't look like i'm caked in make-up.

The formulation is VERY moisturising i found personally, and after around 10 minutes of having this on, i had a very greasy face, so much so, my loving boyfriend commented on my shiny face! I did however apply moisturiser earlier on in the day, before i knew i would be trying this. If you have quite dry skin or maybe don't apply moisturiser first, it might not be such a problem.

Overall, i was surprised at how i didn't instantly hate it (like some tinted moisturisers i've used!), the coverage was good and impressed me. The shininess on the other hand, is something i hate, i love to be matte and not have a dewy finish. It would be a product i would use if maybe i was a little hungover when my skins a bit dehydrated or if i just needed to quickly whip some coverage on to pop to the shops etc. Having said that, i don't think i'd go out and purposely buy it just for that reason, i think i can live without it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this cream is quite high fragranced so may not be suitable for sensitive skins! I have woken up with a big spot on my chin, on the side i applied this, but wether it's down to this, who knows!

Have you tried this BB cream or anything similar? Do you like a lighter coverage all the time?


  1. I would like to try this bb cream how do you go around getting a sample ?

  2. Oooo I'm very curious about this product. Great review x

  3. Great post. I've tried it and like it. I always moisturise before putting it on though because I don't find it hydrating enough.. Its nice to use on days you don't feel like layering on makeup, nice and light. I wear it to college a lot! x