Tuesday 25 October 2011

Review; Balance Me Super Moisturising hand cream!

When i received my Carmine Beauty Box, the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream was the product i was least excited about. Why? Well, I'm not really a hand cream snob and to be honest, i rarely even use one. I tend to stick to a bit of cuticle oil and the remnants of any body lotion i apply. 

I did apply this straight away when i first opened my box and what hit me first was the aroma. I could smell it as soon as i'd opened the tube, i personally, could detect lavender and geranium, which is very relaxing/ uplifting and a welcomed scent by most. I've heard that some people think this is slightly greasy to touch, but not in my books. It sinks in lovely to leave no grease/residue, just smooth, soft and moisturised hands.

It's your standard thick, rich white cream to look at but performs well above this. I'm sure as most people, i would use this just as a hand cream and nothing more, but after seeing Fleur's interview with Sian, i have been using a tiny bit on my knees when i emerge from the shower every day. The results? WOW! The only cream that has managed to remove the patches of dry/flaky skin on my knees, the ones that fake tan always seem to be attached too... quite literally. This product is now a must have for my pre-tanning rituals to not only ensure an even tan, but beautiful, soft, touch-me skin too.

Have you tried any of the 'Balance Me' range? Do you have a favourite hand cream that out-performs others?

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