Thursday 20 October 2011

Carmine beauty box!!

I've been excited about this day for a while, not specifically for 'Carmine' but for any beauty box. I have been watching these boxes unfold from afar, but never got up close and personal with any. Until today. As you may know, Holly & Milly have become freelance beauty writers working with Carmine and this is how i really decided Carmine might be my box of choice. I religiously read both of their blogs and trust what they say in their reviews, so knowing they are on board with Carmine, made me think it must be great.

Carmine is different in the way that once you are signed up, you can complete a 'beauty profile' so they can personalise your products to you. I'm not the type of person to buy something i wouldn't normal buy/use just because it's 'on offer' or a 'bargain', so this concept will ensure i get the most for my money. I ordered this last Friday and it arrived today (Thurs), which i think is good considering i joined Carmine after the 'original' October box had initially been sent out. 

You get the card inside with all 5 products listed on there, a little explanation of each and a discount code for if you want to purchase the full size or anything else in their range which is a great bonus! I will be doing individual reviews for each products when i've trialled them for a while.
From L - R; Trind Nail Repair Natural treatment, balance Me super moisturising hand cream, Caudalie quenching sorbet creme, The balm 'Frat boy' blusher and Daniel Sandler Eye delight in 'Peach'.

Fortunately, i appear to LOVE everything in this box and know i will use it. The colours of the blush & eye delight are totally down my street as i love peaches. As for the other products, god only knows how much this cold weather is affecting my skin. I have a feeling the the nail repair, hand cream and quenching sorbet will be my winter wonders!

What beauty box do you prefer? Will you be giving Carmine a chance?

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  1. Wow, what an amazing box! We get Birchbox here in the states, but don't typically get so many nice size samples...normally just one deluxe & the others are tiny.

    Love your blog! Come visit ours sometime...drop us a comment if you do!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings