Saturday 6 November 2010

New hair!

I took a spur of the moment decision the other day to have my hair dyed properly. I never get my hair done in a salon unless i want something specific.

I was getting bored with my hair and was just going to box dye it! However, an opportunity came up at my best friends boss's hair salon. He had a trainee that has just started college but wanted to try colouring on guinea pigs!

I jumped at the chance as i'm not that worried about my hair, it's only hair and i could have dyed it again if i needed too!

I'll just show you a picture of my hair before...

Just a flat dark brown with hints of red in it. This is my natural hair colour and although i like it, sometimes it looks a little faded in certain lights!

Originally i wanted to go darker because i, like most people, usually do in the winter, however, my trainee had an offer on of highlights for only £15! It was a bargain i couldn't resist and so i opted for both! I had a darker reddish brown tint all over called Iced Tea and then 2 blondes put in as highlights, one of which was bleach. I had a very thin weave because i like it to look natural and not big blocks of highlights.

Here's the finished result!
This picture shows the blonder highlights on top.

And this shows you the darker reddish brown underneath!

Overall, i'm really happy with it and i want it like this all the time!

I think with me being so pale it really just warms my whole look up and really suits me!

What do you think? Do you go darker for winter rather than lighter?


  1. Although I think your natural colour looks beautiful I really like what you've had done, it suits you perfectly! The new look is so rich and warm, it's not too OTT and still looks natural but seriously pretty. Makes me a teensy bit jealous actually cos I'm allergic to hair dye so I'm stuck with the same old dull brown shade :)