Saturday 30 October 2010

BareMinerals VS Lily Lolo!

So my last post was all about how much i loved bare minerals. However, I've come across another mineral foundation, thanks to my best friend, and it's taken over in poll position!

Meet Lily Lolo.

The reason i was interested in this is because it's pure minerals like BareMinerals containing no parabens, fragrances or chemicals and it's alot cheaper than BareMinerals! This retails at £12 a pot for foundation, whereas BM retails at £22! I had a sample of the Blondie foundation and really loved it, i think it gives a better coverage than BareMinerals foundation, so i decided to order a big pot.

I ordered the foundation in Blondie & The Flawless Matte powder as i get a very oily t-zone. I also got samples of the South beach bronzer, Clementine blush and the Juicy peach blush as i love peachy blushes and tend to stay away from pinks, as my skin has a lot of natural redness in it.

Top to bottom, same order as written above!
The south beach bronzer does look a little orange when swatched, however, i think it would also make a good blush, so i'm not too disheartened!

I also got samples of three concealers.

Blondie cover up for concealing blemishes over the face, Peepo cover up for counteracting dark circles under the eye and Blush Away Cover up for concealing redness on my cheeks.

I'm excited to see how well these work together. I'm definitely trying to stay using minerals because i had seen an improvement in my skin from using no liquid foundations/concealers! Last night, i had ran out of minerals and used a liquid foundation. This morning when i woke up, my skin had broken out alot!

Have you seen improvements in your skin since switching to minerals?


  1. I'm really getting into using mineral products and i wouldn't say i've noticed an improvement as such, but i seem to have less flakiness and breakouts so i guess it must be working :)

  2. Thankyou for this post! I just came across your blog and followed. :)

    I think I'm going to get some of this. I was going to get bare minerals but this has changed my mind. It's cheaper and you get more! SOLD! :D

  3. I love mineral makeup but I'm yet to try Lily Lowe xo