Thursday 11 November 2010

Hormones & happiness!

Since starting my job on the 31st August, i haven't watched what i've eaten or worked out ONCE. I just haven't had time to workout, i'm up at 5am and home at 7pm and i'm exhausted. However, i'm really hoping soon to find a way to get some exercise in. Why? I've noticed a different, and not with my body.

Initially i thought i would put on a lot of weight and look horrendous. When really, i can't tell much difference. I'm sure i've lost some muscle, particularly on my stomach! It's a little softer but i'm pretty happy with my body considering i haven't been looking after it that well.

The biggest change i've seen is in my hormones and my happiness! These past 2 months i have not cried so much in my life! I'm so emotional and feel down, i get angry at the smallest thing and my anxiety is truly starting to show problems, to the point where i think i need to book a doctor's appointment!

I'm pretty sure it was the good eating and exercise that kept my hormones at bay and i'm getting the nearly 3-month-itch of needing to workout and eat well soon. I know a lot has happened these past 2 months; i've started a new job 30 miles away that i'm not confident about, i've split up with my long term boyfriend and my friend group has completely turned on its head. I feel quite alone at the moment but i'm sure with exercise i wouldn't feel so bad and would be able to handle it better!

What do you think? Do you notice a difference in happiness when you workout?


  1. ya know, I wish I could say that I did see some huge difference in my mental health when I don't work out...and I really don't. But, I do it anyways because I know it's good for me!

  2. Sometimes we take good eating and exercising from granted but it's really important for our health!! Especially us women with our hormones :P It makes us feel better about ourselves too which helps.

  3. I know what you mean! My theory is that sometimes if we have over indulged too much we feel subconciously guilty and under confident with the way we look and then we begin to feel less confident in other areas of our lives. Usually I stick my Pump it Up workout dvd on and it makes me feel much better! xo