Friday 19 November 2010

What i've been up to!!

I'm loving my life right now! It's completely different to my life 4/5 months ago, everything had turned on it's head. I've had my ups and downs and i'm sure i have a lot more to come (my probation review is today, eek!) but i'm adjusting to my life and i really do love it and all it's hard work.

I've been having fun all round, at work and when i go out!

In a week or so, the reaaal hard work starts. I'm doing 2 weeks straight withno days off and looonnng hours to get our spa up and running ready to open on the 2nd December!

It's not everyday you get to go skating at work, you have a treasure hunt around Bristol and then bubbly and chocolates for after! Life is gooooooood :)

All of us before our treasure hunt...

These window displays were a task we had to do on our treasure hunt, we weren't doing it for the sake of it! :)

Got my hair dyed which i love!

Celebrated my new single life with friends :)


  1. Your comment is the sweetest! I am flattered that you would save some of the pictures... made my day! :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend and Thanksgiving!

  2. this post made me smile :) x

  3. aww im glad your much happyer now :) xxx

  4. Thank you so much for the comment. So glad you found my blog. I absolutely love where you live - can't wait to read more :)