Saturday 18 September 2010

No 7 Calm & Conceal Blemish Treatment.

Under all the stress and pressure of working full time, my skin as well as my body and mind is adjusting and i have started breaking out again. Not badly, but i've had a few big, painful bumps pop up around my chin.

I searched on boots' website and this product popped up. To be honest, i was looking for a concealer more than anything but this 2-in-1 looked a great buy. I read the reviews on boots to see if it was worth giving a go or not.

It mainly had 5 star reviews for the actual spot treatment, the lower ratings were because the colour was too orangey for certain skintones and the product breaking. However, the spot treatment sounded good so i decided to give it a go, at only £8.75 it wasn't going to break the bank!

I must admit the concealer is a bit orangey for my super pale skin and i don't like the way it cakes. However, i used the treatment on a few spots i had on the side of my chin and by the morning they had reduced and that horrible pain had gone! I still have the marks left, but that's just my skin! Overall, i'm pretty impressed with the spot treatment and would pay the full amount just for that end and not bother using the concealer!

What's your favourite spot treatment?

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