Saturday 21 August 2010

OOTD & Camping essentials!

I thought i'd share my outfit from yesterday. Even though it was raining, i still wore my leggings and flip flops! I get seriously hot in the shop where i work, it's unreal!

Just simple, black, long leggings, a grey strappy top and a navy cardigan. It is simple but i love this outfit! Also spy the ring? It's my mum's and i 'borrowed' it. I wore it on my index finger, i'm not sure if i like it but hey, it's different!

With my sexy mulberry bag, my outfit is complete! :)

Today, I've spent the day with Lawrence shopping for our toiletries and essentials for camping!

First on the left, the boring but essential things. Wet wipes, cotton pads, ear buds and tissues. All must haves for camping! Then we also have plastic cups, plates and bowl and of course a bottle opener. That is also a necessity! We also found a double sleeping bag, yay! No need to sleep apart :) Now onto essential toiletries...

Mini sizes! I love these, they are soo cute! Hairbrush, tissues, (i hate it when you get to the loo and find there's no toilet paper left!Always carry tissues in my handbag!) shampoo & conditioner, make-up remover pads, mouthwash and dry shampoo!
I obviously have to put my toothbrush, toothpaste and all my skincare products in there! Andd not forgetting make-up! But this is a good start!

Isn't this wash bag cute? All my toiletries will go in here!I'm really loving the whole rose prints at the moment! I also got these lovely grey dolly shoes, not specifically for camping but i'll show you anyway!

Eee i love them! :) Also, not camping related i picked up a few other bits..

I picked up the lightest shades in each concealer but i haven't tried them! I hope they match alright and cover well! I heard good things about the Rimmel match perfection undereye concealer from Holly, so i hope it works! To round it all off, i picked up these sweeties!

Mmm they are so good! Just like milkshake! We will be re-buying these on the way to Newbury! Along with a few cases of beer, a bottle of amaretto & litres of diet coke! Woop! Now i'm off for a lovely shower!

Any other camping essentials you think i need?


  1. I love your outfit! Simple outfits usually come out looking the best. :)

    And can I just say.. you are a freaking genius for having those tissues in your purse in case you find a toilet without toilet paper! I'm going to start doing that asap because it is SO annoying to pee and then see no toilet paper.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! Too cute. I am a huge fan of camping and think you know your essentials! New follower and just wanted to say hi = )

  3. That is a GREAT outfit!! I am a HUGE fan of leggings!!

  4. i love like in boots u can get mini everythings!! i got them for my holiday to rome :)
    just realised u dont live that far from me! xx

  5. I am a sucker for anything travel sized. Love mini shampoos and mini shower spongy thingies. Lol I guess they would be my essentials too!!

  6. i looove your blue cardy and grey flats, so cool! <3

  7. Great outfit! And I love the grey shoes...

    I haven't been camping in many years, but it looks like you are prepared!

  8. Like the cardi, the colour looks great on you :)

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