Sunday 26 September 2010

We met Gok Wan!!

Hey everyone! Today in Cabot Circus, Bristol, Gok Wan was there doing a fas
hion show. His dressing room was in the Management Suite and that's where we have been training, so we were lucky enough to meet him! We were soo excited! Here's a few snaps of his dressing room for you!

Lauren, Beck, Olivia, Lyd and Me.
(note my paleness, thats why i fake tanned last night! Horrendous!!)

All of his make-up.

Us girls with the cast that did the fashion show.
(note; this is not all the girls!)

Unfortunately we weren't able to get pictures with him because he works with a lot of company's, it would be biased if The Sanctuary had a photo with him and sold it to the press. However, we did get to meet him, he is soo lovely and said he was really sorry we couldn't have photos taken. I did get to takea photos of our managers with him, but again i'm not allowed to post it on here or facebook, it's just for personal use to have up in our staff room and offices. However it was soo exciting! :)

Did you go to see the fashion show? Have you met anyone 'famous'?


  1. Hey! Thanks for the blog comment! I have a friend who is a cosmotologist, and I love having her do my makeup and hair. There is NOTHING better than having the hookups through friends ;)

  2. That's so cool!! I've met Jeffrey Campbell, but never really been to a fashion show.
    Come check out my blog, I'm giving away free Jeffrey Campbell shoes. :)