Monday 24 July 2017

Our UK Staycation - Weymouth beach

We've just come back from our second holiday in 3 weeks and this time it was a UK staycation in Weymouth. We went with my family as it was for my Dad's 50th birthday and my mum booked a 4 bedroom house for the week called 'Ocean house' which was a 2 minute walk to the seafront.

 We love Weymouth as the sand is so white and the sea so blue.. when you get a hot day you almost feel like you are abroad, it is so beautiful! The UK weather was actually a bit deceiving.. it didn't feel too hot and was quite cloudy & windy but most of us still ended up getting a bit burnt, whoops!

The girls absolutely love messy play with sand and water so the beach is one of their favourite places to be. They both loved watching the sand blow everywhere, bulling sand castles and paddling in the sea. 

Just like most beaches, Weymouth has a lot going on. From cafes and ice cream huts, to helter skelter rides, volleyball pitches and mini golf. My brothers and husband spent about 3 hours playing volleyball while me and the girls played in the sand. 

We spent most of the day on the beach having fun as everyone was occupied and happy, before ordering a Chinese to be delivered back to the house and then heading back out. We skipped bedtime and went out to the harbour just around the corner from the beach to do some crabbing. I used to love crabbing as a child and so was excited to take the girls and see what they thought.

 We found the perfect spot and it was so fun although the girls did want to keep looking over the edge as they have no fear and we worried they'd fall in! We weren't out for very long as they were tired after a busy day but we managed to catch a crab and let them see it. We almost caught a massive one but it got away at the last minute which I'm quite glad about actually as Sienna was a bit scared of the bigger one and started crying, bless her. Aria seemed a little unsure too!

 It turned out to be such a beautiful evening, I love these photos of the harbour I got. The light was amazing and it was the perfect end to our beach day!


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