Saturday 8 April 2017

Dorset's greatest adventure playground - Caribbean cove at Weymouth sea life!

Last weekend, we were invited to Weymouth sealife adventure park for the launch of the 'Caribbean cove' which is said to be Dorset's greastest adventure playground! 

We've been to Weymouth sealife before and absolutely loved it, but we were excited to see the new play area. Our girls are such outdoor babies and they are happy when running around exploring, being active, so it sounded like the perfect day out for us. 

Sienna was so excited, we had a little wander through the penguins first but then we headed straight to the new area and were really surprised at how big it was. It definitely has that wow factor and looks super appealing to kids, I don't think any child would walk past and not want to go in and play! 

As soon as we got in, Sienna ran off exploring with Daddy, leaving me with Aria. As Aria is only 13 months old, I was worried there might not be much for her to go on but we didn't struggle to entertain her at all. She loved the little tunnels that were around, the sand, the little boats to sit on and pretend to steer and just generally running around watching everyone else play! She loved the feel of the spongey floor and the creatures too, she was balancing on the mounds and running back and forth.

Sienna had an absolute blast, she got stuck in straight away climbing everything and going down the slide a million times! It was quite busy while we were there, but as the area is so big it didn't feel too much and we could keep an eye on the girls and spot them quite well!

Sienna didn't want to leave, not even with the bribery of getting lunch (which usually always works!) which means she definitely enjoyed it. There is so much to do, I think the girls could have happily spent most of the day just in this play area!

Things we loved about the new Caribbean cove:
- The bright colours & theme of the play equipment,
- The palm trees dotted around,
- The fact there was always a member of staff stood at the gateway with a first aid kit... reassuring just incase there's an accident!
- The funky Caribbean style music being played,
- The mounds and contours on the flooring,
- The size of the play area,
- The addition of a sandpit and arcades to fit the 'holiday' feel!

We also loved the edition of the arcades.. we're suckers for the claw machines and spent ages trying to win a toy but no luck, haha! It was also nice there were toilets in the playground so you didn't have to go far away if someone did need the toilet. We did notice there is a little cafe that said coming soon as well and had a Costa coffee sign so we will definitely be returning. We have a little week away in Weymouth planned for the middle of July in the Summer, so have planned to come back here already. With the edition of the cafe, I think it will be the perfect play area for kids and while I haven't been to many of Dorset's other playgrounds, I can't think much could beat this one!

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Thanks for a brilliant family day out Weymouth sealife adventure park.. We will see you in July!

Here's our video of the day and don't forget to pin my image for future reference!

Dorset's greatest adventure playground - Caribbean cove at Weymouth sea life!

*We were given free entry for review purposes however all thoughts are honest & my own.

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