Monday 27 February 2017

Paultons Park & Peppa pig world!

The day before Aria's first birthday, we set off to visit Paulton's Park as a little birthday treat. Paulton's Park is about one and a half hours away from us in The New Forest and is a family theme park and the home of Peppa Pig world. 

Paultons Park & Peppa pig world

There is so much to do, including lots of rides, animals and birds to look at, the 4d cinema and Peppa pig world & the Lost Kingdom. we didn't get chance to see it all in one day even though we got there at 10am when it opened, had minimal queuing for each ride and left at 5pm when it closed! I'd definitely recommend staying over and going over 2 days as a short break if you can. 

We headed straight to Peppa pig world first, as I knew the girls would enjoy this area the most. With Aria being only one year old, I was worried she wouldn't be able to go on much however most of the rides are quite slow and really child friendly, so there is no age limit but 12 months and over is recommended.

The girls loved seeing all the characters everywhere and the fact the theme tune plays on repeat throughout the park...(mummy & daddy, not so much) ;) There are the characters houses dotted throughout, some you can go in too and explore. The rides are also quite fun despite being so child friendly and everything looks so colourful and exciting.

As well as the rides, there is lots of other play park areas around. There is also a really good indoor soft play area that both girls loved! It was a good area for Aria to be able to run around and let off some steam without the fear of her face planting the floor or getting in peoples way walking around outside.

After a good few hours in Peppa Pig world, we got some lunch from the Rainforest cafe which is the one back near the entrance. We chose this one as it seemed to be less busy than the ones closer to Peppa pig world, so even though we had to walk back to the start, it was worth it to beat the queues! Lunch was good.. the girls had lunch boxes with sandwiches, carrot sticks, raisins and yogurts & Warren and I both had cooked meals and everyone enjoyed it. The prices were pretty standard for a theme park, I think it was around £30 for 4 of us and that included a drink each.

We decided to explore the Lost Kingdom which is all about dinosaurs and we were all really impressed. We didn't really have any expectations for it but we loved it & would highly recommend it. We loved the rides and it felt like we were in Jurassic park, we even got to meet a real life dinosaur and have our photo with it ;)

There were plenty of places to climb and play again and there are sand pits dotted around the whole site too which would be fun in the Summer! There is a discovery trail to go on as well as the train you can get that goes around the park. There really is so much to do for all different age ranges and interests, it's probably one of our favourite family days out so far so we'd would highly recommend & can't wait to go back ourselves!

Here's our video of the day:

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