Friday 18 November 2016

Our wedding photos; a taster.

Ston Easton wedding

So I want to do the whole wedding recapped, section by section when I get all the photos back but that's going to be a few more weeks so I thought I'd do a little taster with a few of the photos we already have.

We want to say thank you so much for all your comments and congratulations. We really did have the best day and having you all excited with us really added to the whole experience. Everything turned out even better than I imagined and nothing went wrong at all which we were surprised about! 

Ston easton wedding

We think all of our guests had fun as well, everyone commented on how lovely everything was and what a good day it was but I guess they would say that ;) Most of them stayed at the hotel with us so it was really relaxing. Once they got there, either by driving themselves or minibus hire with driver, they could just drink and party and relax knowing they didn't have to make a way home. I think that helped everyone enjoy the atmosphere even more.

I'm so happy I'm now Mrs Conway but I can't believe our big day is over.. I have dreamed of my wedding day since being a little girl and it really was perfect, as cliche as that is! I can't wait to do the full recap and relive the day all over again with you!

All photos by Kerry Bartlett

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