Tuesday 8 December 2015

Blogmas day 8: Piper's 2nd Pawsome box

Piper recently received her second Pawsome box which she was very excited about! She is much like a kid when they have presents and couldn't wait for me to open the box. She had a great variety of products inside the box and most things were really practical. 

The box consisted of a snuggly soft blanket, a treat dispenser ball toy and a squeaky piggy toy as well as Trixie pet wipes, Wagg tasty bone treats and Chicken meatballs. The blanket has had lots of use already, I use it on the sofa for her to sleep on so it protects it as it isn't the best colour for a black dog! The ball and treats haven't really been used yet as she still isn't that into treats (or her food to be honest, strange dog!) but I'm sure as she gets a bit older she will love them! 

She absolutely loves the pig toy and plays with it all the time. She is always after Sienna's cuddly toys so this is perfect, she loves to squeak it and has managed to pull some of the stuffing out already because she bites it so much! I love it as she sits and plays with that while I check for bingo sites like landmarkbingo instead of annoying me haha!

We really love the Pawesome boxes and would totally recommend them!

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