Tuesday 8 December 2015

A pampered pregnancy; Tips to make you feel great

Most expectant mums want to feel as pampered as possible in the months leading up to the day when their new arrival is due to come into the world. After all, nine months can feel pretty long if you don’t take the time to look after yourself and make sure that you’re doing things to make you feel better during this life-changing time period. On that note, the following are some great tips to make you feel and look good during your pregnancy: 

Hit the shops 
If you love to shop and the idea of hitting the stores along with your little bump doesn’t faze you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do lots of shopping during this special time. When shopping, splash out on one great piece of maternity wear that’s made of high quality fabric that’s comfortable to wear.Regardless of if it's a pair of comfy jeans, a flattering jacket or a pretty flowing dress, wearing something you just love and feel good in is a powerful mood-booster.
Get body beautiful
You’ll want to look good but you’ll also want to feel body beautiful under your new clothes. There are many stores offering lotions and potions all designed to pamper the pregnant lady so stock up on bath oils and soothing creams, maybe even a few candles to light when you are relaxing in the tub. Remember that your body will be going through some hormonal changes that may mean you’ll need to change the skincare products you use. 

Take care of those feet
We take our feet for granted way too often. Most of us just slick a dash of color on our toenails and feel good to go. As a busy expectant mum, it’s easy to forget about the work that yourfeet are doing, carrying you about on your daily routine, climbing stairs and carrying your increasing body weight. Taking proper care of your feet is essential and a Physiotherapy Northwich based professional should be your first port of call in doing that. 
Do some light exercise
While some might not consider light exercise to be pampering, there are some great merits to walking the dog in the evening time or meeting up with another expectant mum to do some parental yoga together. Apart from the social aspect of getting out there and meeting other people, you’ll also get the added benefits of keeping your body and your baby in a healthy state. 
Make time to relax
Rest and relaxation are so important during pregnancy. After all, your body is working hard dealing with the changes it is undergoing and your mind is kept busy planning for the new arrival. For these reasons, and so many more, some ‘me’ time is essential. Whether it’s spending the evening curled up with a good book or going to your local spa for a regular massage, some rest and relaxation should be penciled in to your daily routine. 
Given the fact that your pregnancy will bring numerous changes along with it, you deserve to feel and look good during this very precious time. After all, a little pampering will undoubtedly help make all these changes so much easier to deal with.

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