Thursday 12 November 2015

Sienna's 3rd birthday!

Sienna turned three on Sunday.. just how do the years go fast?! I still remember clear as day the moment I found out I was pregnant with her. The whole weekend has been about her (naturally) and she's been a spoilt little princess. I didn't get many good photos as it was quite a busy day but I wanted to document it anyway. Luckily my Dad came in the afternoon and got some more professional photos so they are much better!

She requested a Frozen birthday and while we didn't have a big party, most of her presents and wrapping paper were Frozen theme, including Frozen dress up clothes that she absolutely loves! She had to be Anna as soon as she saw it. She also got the shoes to match so was in her element :)

After she had opened her presents, we got ready and headed off to Bath to go to the Cinema. She asked to go to the Cinema for her birthday a few weeks ago so I booked Inside Out. I was a bit sceptical as to wether she would sit still and be quiet for a whole 1hour 40 minutes but she totally did! She was mesmerised, she barely even ate any of her pick n mix because she was engrossed in the screen haha! 

After the cinema we went for lunch at Wagamama's which was pretty much a disaster haha. Sienna didn't eat anything, I think she was too tired from the Cinema and just wanted to sleep! She slept most of the way home so then was ready for round two with the family when we got home.

It was a brilliant day full of too many sweets and treats (for all of us!) but that is what birthdays are for ;)

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