Friday 13 November 2015

Budgeting for Christmas

We are well and truly into November, which means Christmas is fast approaching. You may have seen from a few of my previous posts that I have already started Christmas shopping in a bid to get organised and spread the cost. Alexander & Co accountants in Manchester have created this infographic below with their Top tips for budgeting for Christmas. 

I have read through it and there is some good tips there.. I especially need to remember that kids are not retail snobs! I always try to get the best for Sienna (like I'm sure we all do) and sometimes feel bad when I can't stretch to the top brands but she couldn't care less! I'm sure as she gets older she will so I should save the money now haha!

Something I always do is plan ahead for the next year.. I start trying to save asap or even better get most of the presents in the January sales! I did this last year and it has really helped out, it's nice knowing that some of my presents are done! Even Sienna's stocking fillers are mainly done and cost nothing in the sales. 

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