Monday 16 November 2015

Notes on nutrition: Diet during pregnancy

Before pregnancy I was a big fan of eating clean and working out, it made me feel good and helped with my energy levels, not to mention it's healthy for my insides too! In the first trimester of my pregnancies I get so ill that I crave junk/fast food and as I can't keep much else down, I end up living on it. When my sickness ended about 18 weeks, I was determined to get back to my old ways and start eating better.

Organix (one of my favourite snack brands for Sienna) are currently working on a new Pregnancy & Diet campaign.. they are working with Dr Rana Conway (one of the country’s leading experts on nutrition in pregnancy), to help mums-to-be enjoy good food during their pregnancy. They have put together a fab 'Little book of good food' that you can download for free, it is full with simple and practical advice and delicious, healthy recipes for each trimester and once baby is born.

I have really enjoyed having a read through, there's some great tips and nutrition advice including healthy snack ideas and junk food swaps. 

There is also reasons on why to avoid junk food during pregnancy such as contributing to a healthier/easier pregnancy and reducing your babies risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease when it's older. Keeping these in mind help you make healthier choices when the cravings kick in. 

I loved the addition of the recipes as I do like the bake and try new foods. I am planning on batch freezing healthy dinners and snacks before labour so we have healthy food prepped and ready to go in the first few weeks, so some of these recipes are perfect. 

Banana bread is one of our favourite 'treats' so I had to make that recipe straight away, especially as we had all the ingredients in the cupboard already!

It was so easy to make, has no refined sugar which is brilliant and was delicious. I will definitely be making this again and making one for the freezer just before my due date!

If you are pregnant I highly recommend downloading the free book and having a read through. It is important to stay healthy during pregnancy not only for yourself but for baby too!

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