Sunday 29 November 2015

Mum-to-be Christmas gift guide

This year as I'm a mum-to-be, I have been drawn towards the mum-to-be gift guides however I have found them all very much the same and I feel most of the products are actually for baby, not mum. I have put together my own gift guide and have tried to think outside the box to make these products really thoughtful and practical for mum!

The first thing I found was this gorgeous package from Don't buy her flowers. This is the 'Care package' although they offer lots of lovely packages. I chose this one for a mum-to-be as it's perfect for making her feel a little bit pampered and will encourage her to take some time out before little one gets here. It also includes a few of my ultimate mummy products such as dry shampoo, lip balm, tea, a magazine, a lovely scarf and some yummy treats which would also be handy to pack in the hospital bag depending how far along they are. The company has such great products and I love the concept of the packages being personalised by choosing the magazine or scarf.

Exercise and stretching is very beneficial during pregnancy and this Yoga & Mindfulness for pregnancy & birth DVD by Nadia Raafat is suitable from 14 weeks all the way up too the birth so is an ideal present no matter how far along they are. It features the introduction and then 5 practises that are 30 minutes long along with a 15 minute mindfulness meditation. This has really helped me calm and switch off when I feel stressed and in ned of some me time so I'd highly recommend it.

The next thing I have included is skincare. When you're a new mum not getting a lot of sleep, your skin can show it so this is a great gift. The Vichy New Idealia Skin Sleep is a night time cream that has been scientifically proven on a panel of poor sleepers to stimulate the 'deep sleep mechanisms' of the skin leaving it looking and feeling amazing, no matter how little sleep you have had! I have been using this and can vouch that my skin has stayed looking plump and glowy even though I haven't been sleeping great due to back ache!

When you're a new mum a lot changes including your style. You have to think about jewellery and hair.. things your little one likely to pull and want to eat! This teething necklace from Mama Jewels is perfect as it is stylish but 100% safe for teething babies. It is made from natural applewood that has only been rested with olive oil so there is no nasties in there. It is washable, strength tested and non-toxic and is also on a mocha cord that is adjustable in length using slip knots. I love the cute fox shape of this one but they have many styles to choose from. 

This next product I got with breastfeeding in mind. Breastfeeding can take up a lot of time, especially if baby likes to cluster feed for a few hours. The coz-e-reader is a fab cushion tablet stand that can be taken in the car or up to bed so you can watching something hands free on your tablet to pass the time. it fits most tablets, including iPads so is a great present for everyone, no matter what type of gadget they have. I got the denim floral pattern but they do have other options.

We all know as a new mum, you rarely have time to get a hot drink or meal so these Thermos flasks would be such a practical gift. The big one would hold your coffee while the small flask is for food, keeping your leftovers warm until you have time to eat it! I think any new mum would use these a lot and would be grateful for them a few months into motherhood! 

The last thing I have included is a good old stretch mark oil! This is probably one of the best I have used; the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment. It's a thick oil yet sinks into the skin to really moisturise it and help the elasticity of the skin. It has stopped the itching of my belly completely and stopped it feeling so tight. You can tell it is a more luxurious product and it smells gorgeous as well, like being in a spa! So far, I have no new stretch marks so I am putting it down to this and would highly recommend it to every pregnant lady out there.

So that's my rather long Christmas gift guide for mum-to-be's! I hope it inspired you to think a little bit outside the box and you found some practical products to get for that special mum-to-be in your life.

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