Sunday 29 November 2015

5 Christmas light decorating ideas

Decorating for Christmas is one of the rituals that everyone looks forward to doing together. Part of preparing for Christmas, it signals the beginning of the season of magic, whenever you do it. A string of lights is incredibly versatile, so it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do with them. Here, we take a look at five different ideas for using light to transform your home into a winter wonderland. 

“Wall” Tree
Simply attach adhesive hooks to hang lights in the shape of a Christmas tree. The easiest way to do this is in a triangle, with hooks in between, depending on the way that you want your tree to hang. Along with string lights, you can add ribbon, tinsel or baubles for a lovely Christmassy effect.
Perfect for if you’re struggling for space for a Christmas tree, or you want something in the hallway or kids’ bedroom where space might be tighter.  
Berry Light Garland
Pick up a plain leafy green garland and a line of red berry string lights and you have an instant festive wreath. Leave plain or add embellishments like birds, baubles or ribbon for that extra festive feel. Pop on the mantelpiece, over a mirror, wind down the stair handrail, or simply hang on the wall. 

Light Wreath
Wreaths are surprisingly easy to make. Start with a wreath form, such as a straw or foam one, and pin lights, baubles, bells and greenery to it. You can buy mini LED light sets from places such as Lighting Styles. You can tailor the colour and embellishments to your colour scheme and style.  
Light Up Walkways
Outside, use lights to make sure that people don’t trip or fall in the dark and in the snow. Drape lights along fences and the edge of decking or driveways to ensure that everyone gets to your home and away again safely. Use coloured lights for a fun but effective way of lighting the way.
Light Balls
Shape chicken wire into circles and use zip ties to secure. You can do this by forming a cylinder and then cutting down the ends until it resembles more of a square, then bring the tops together using chicken wire until you have the shape that you desire. Then, thread your chosen lights in and out of the chicken wire until the circle is completely covered. At night, you’ll have beautiful balls of light on your lawn for a contemporary festive look. 

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