Sunday 22 November 2015

day in the life of a pregnant mom

(from Tuesday 17th November)

6:30am I hear Warren's alarm go off and I feel annoyed it is the morning already. I know Sienna will be in soon so I try and get a few more minutes rest.

7:00 To my surprise it's 7 before Sienna comes in. She is a bit quiet and says her tummy hurts before crawling into our bed and having 5 minutes of snuggles. 

7:05 She's decided it's breakfast time and is dragging me out of bed so we head downstairs. I make some coffee and give her a banana to eat while I sit and drink my coffee and try to wake up.

7:45 I decide I want bacon for breakfast so put some in the grill and do the dishwasher and feed Piper while it's cooking. Sienna decides she wants porridge so I make her that. I also finish my breakfast off with some scrambled eggs with tomato and defrost some banana bread

8:00 Sienna finishes her breakfast so I clean her up. Warren is still upstairs getting ready for work so Sienna goes up to see him and I get to eat my breakfast in peace and catch up on some YouTube videos. 

8:33 Sienna is back down, she's been dressing up and now asks if she can watch Shrek. She sits down to watch that while Warren is working from home in the kitchen so I go upstairs to get dressed and ready for the day. 

9:02 I am ready.. I took a bit longer doing my make-up today as Warren was downstairs with Sienna. I officially feel like my bump is huge!

9:05 I go downstairs and Sienna is playing with her dolls. She asks if I can help show her how to put a nappy on (for the ten millionth time) so we do that before going to get her dressed and ready for the day.

9:15 Warren and I both need to go to the post office, so we decided to walk and take Piper. I faff around trying to find a letter I need in between telling Sienna to get her boots and coat on and getting Piper on her lead. 

9:50 We finally get out the door! The walk is a nightmare, Piper won't walk properly and for some reason is barking at everyone, they can't find the address at the post office that Warren needs to send his parcel too and Sienna decides to have a meltdown because she wants a marshmallow ice cream from the bakery.

10:30 We arrive home and I put Sienna in her room to calm down. 

10:40 Sienna has stopped crying so I go in to see her and we agree we're best friends again and shouldn't be horrible to each other. She is in a better mood so we come down to play and open a parcel I got.

11:00 I am getting hungry again so I grab a juicy peach and a decaf coffee and try to calm down after a stressful morning! Sienna spends time playing with some magnets on the fridge and I quickly pop to the shop to get some bits I need while Warren watches her. When I get back I start on lunch for us.

12:00 Lunch time! Sienna has a snack plate (houmous, pepper sticks, scotch eggs and crackers) and I have a chicken, mayo and cucumber sandwich with some Chirps and my reheated decaf coffee. 

12:45 We clean up from lunch and get ready to take Warren to the train station. He is in London for work the next day so we say our goodbyes, boo! :(

1:03 We get home and we're both cold and tired so we snuggle in bed with some books for half an hour. 

1:35 I put Sienna in her room for 'quiet time' so I can get some work done on the laptop. She protests at first but then I hear her playing nicely. 

2:30 I realise the time and also realise I haven't heard Sienna her for a while.. I go and check on her and she's asleep. Dilemma! Do I wake her or not? She must be super tired if she's put herself to bed, but she has no pull ups on. I decide to leave her and come downstairs. I sit down to start this post and hear her cry. Typical!

2:40 She comes downstairs upset and says she's poorly. She doesn't have a temperature but doesn't seem herself, she wants her pjs on (I put my pj bottoms on too!) and we snuggle for a while on the sofa.

3:30 I'm getting hungry again so I decide to make a smoothie. Sienna wants one too and I'm hoping the iron in the spinach will perk us both up!

3:47 Sienna seems a little happier while drinking her smoothie and watching Shrek (again) so I try to get more of this post done!

4:00 Sienna wants to play with her Playmobil nativity set and Piper tries to join in. I fold laundry, wipe down the kitchen and change the bin. All the nice jobs!

4:23 Sienna asks to do some colouring so I set her little station up and put on 'I'm a celeb' that I missed the other night! I have a really bad headache and fuzzy head so try to relax for a while.

5:00 I do Piper's dinner and grab some Gaviscon on the way. Heartburn was bad after that smoothie! I also do some tumble drying as I see the last lot has finished.

5:10 Warren's mum (Karen) arrives to spend some time with Sienna as we haven't seen her for a week! They sit and do stickers while I put my feet up and get started on dinner.

6:04 Karen leaves and I start dishing up dinner. It's a lazy one for us; wholewheat pasta, a jar of bolognese sauce and some cheese.

6:30 We've finished dinner so I clean up Sienna and the kitchen and get the tumble drying in as it's done. I lock the garage up for the night and let Piper out.

6:40 Ten mins of snuggling before we head up to bed!

6:50 We go upstairs and start the bedroom routine, when Sienna is all settled I jump into the shower. I love to shower the day away and it saves me precious time in the mornings! I take time to wash and dry my hair and moistures my body (mostly importantly my bump!).

7:30 I make a decaf coffee and grab some peanut M&Ms ;) Coffee and chocolate is my favourite way to end the night after a busy day! I plop onto the couch, finish this post and catch up on Hollyoaks and Are You The One? (I LOVE that show!).

9:00 I go to bed for an early night ready to do it all again at 6:30am!

The end!

Let me know if you liked this post, I thought it was a nice change from a video and was a bit easier for me! I'm going to try and do these day in the life posts at least monthly.. they're fun to look back on!

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