Tuesday 20 October 2015

Things I will miss this Christmas because I'm pregnant!

I am yet to be pregnant at Christmas and while I'm excited about having an 'excuse' to eat all the chocolate I want.. I'm going to miss a few of my favourite things...

Things I will miss this Christmas because I'm pregnant!

Prawn cocktail..

I know cooked prawns are technically 'safe' during pregnancy but I just don't like to risk it so I avoid them for the whole 9 months. It's normally one of the only starters I choose so I will either have to find something else or go without!


Pate is a total no-go when pregnant so I won't be able to choose this as my starter either which is another one of my favourites.


This is the most obvious one to most. Although I don't drink much even when I'm not pregnant, I like to have a bit around Christmas time. Just Miniatures do some fab personalised mini bottles that make great gifts, but I'll have to skip any alcohol this year.

Soft cheese..

Warren isn't really a dessert person, so we normally order a nice cheese board for him, which we end up sharing. This year I will only be able to eat the safe cheeses like cheddar and none of the soft cheese, boo!

Runny eggs..

Around Christmas, we have more time to do yummy breakfasts as no-one is rushing off to work. One of my favourites is dippy eggs but you can only have fully cooked eggs when pregnant. I have actually already been missing this one whenever we have eggs!

My figure..

We normally get dressed up and go out around 23rd December with friends however this year I might give it a miss as I prefer to be in my comfy pjs in bed by 9pm nowadays! I am already missing my figure and being able to do my coat up, let alone squeezing into a tight dress.

Of course, this is just a fun post.. these things are just temporary and I know it is worth it for my baby girl! I have all the future Christmas' to eat as much pate as I want, one won't hurt ;)

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