Tuesday 20 October 2015

Babyproofing: Safety guidelines for decorating kid's rooms

Once you welcome a baby or a toddler to your home, it’s normal that you tend to be fearful about his safety. It is for this reason that it is important to take extra care in ensuring that the home is safe for the baby, especially once he starts moving around the home. Here are a few guidelines on how you can decorate kid’s room while babyproofing it.

Choose Quality Furniture
Decorating a child’s room is an exciting task for parents. As you painstakingly consider the colors and the items to use, remember that you need the right kinds of furniture to make the room suitable for the growing child. At shopmohd, you can find optimum furniture pieces that will look great in any child’s private space. Poliform offers excellent design furniture choices such as drawers and armchairs that look great and even functions beautifully and safely for children’s rooms.
Eliminate Hazards
Once babies start walking, they are not so sure on their feet yet. They tend to bump against furniture and hurt themselves. Make sure that furniture items you place in the room do not have sharp edges. You might also want to pad the edges so they don’t unnecessarily hurt your child.  Since kids also tend to climb up on things, avoid placing furniture that makes it easy for them to scale, to fall, and to be injured. Make sure dressers don’t topple over by anchoring them to the wall. Keep electrical cords away from reach. Curtain cords and other materials that can cause strangulation should be placed safely away from the child’s reach.

Childproof the Windows
A lot of accidents happened with children climbing out of windows. You can prevent this from occurring by making sure that windows in the room have window guards. They are available in various colors so you can match them with the color scheme of the room. In addition, make sure windows have emergency latches which can be handy in case of fire. For single-storey homes, there are devices that can be used to prevent a child from opening windows and going out.
Invest in a Good Crib, Bed or Mattress
It is important that your child have a good sleep for better growth and safety. Cribs should be deep enough to prevent them from climbing over and falling. The slats of the crib or playpen should also have narrow spaces in order to prevent their heads from getting wedged between them. Mattresses should be of good quality to help combat SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Heights of beds should be adjusted according to need and should have safety railings especially for children who tend to roll over during their sleep.
Decorate with Carpets or Rugs 
Placing carpets or rugs in a child’s room add pops of color and charm. They also function as a cushion when they stumble or fall, which tend to happen often as soon as the child gets mobile. Invest in natural fibers such as wool or sisal rugs.  On the other hand, clean and disinfect them often to prevent bacteria and dust from affecting your child’s health.  As much as possible, seek out carpets or rugs with very low or no VOC emissions as young children tend to be more susceptible to environmental toxins. You can buy one with a Green Label Plus. Read here more about this green concept. 

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