Monday 26 October 2015

The Gro Company; We're ambassadors!

Last week, we had a really exciting email asking if we'd like to become ambassadors for The Gro Company. As you may know already, we are big fans of their products and have a few for Sienna already, so were delighted to be asked. They have kindly sent a few products for us to use when baby girl arrives; the groegg, grosnug and grohush. We still haven't bought much for her so this was an exciting delivery...getting baby products has really made it sink in a bit more.

The groegg is dubbed 'peace of mind at a glance' which is music to every parents ears. The innovative design allows it to change colour, letting you know wether the room temperature is too warm or too cold. We never had a temperature reader in Sienna's room when she was a baby and I was forever trying to 'guess' if her room was ok or not, so I am looking forward to using this and knowing for sure with baby girl.

The grosnug is a 2 in 1 newborn swaddle grobag. It can be used as a swaddle with legs and arms tucked in or more like a sleeping bag keeping the arms out and is suitable for babies weighing 5-12lbs. Sienna used to wear a sleeping bag every night from birth until around 2 years old, so I can guarantee this will get a lot of use from baby girl when she is teeny tiny. 

The grohush is a baby calmer that transmits soothing 'white noise' directly to your baby and is portable so can be carried around with you. The idea of this really appeals to me as Sienna was a big fan of white noise.. we used to use an app on our phone and put it in the bottom of her moses basket so she would settle or just lay kicking her legs happily while I got things done. The phone wasn't the easiest thing to use as it would either need charging or I would need to use it and therefore disturb Sienna. I can't wait to try this out with baby girl next year.

All of the items look amazing and so, so practical so we can't wait to actually use them with baby girl! I will do a more in depth review of these when baby is here and we have used them properly.

What gro products do you love?

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